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Ford 2 piece spark plugs

Ford two piece spark plugs

With the weather turning colder we start to think about getting to car ready for winter, or should. One of the maintenance services that should be considered is a tune up so the car will start well in cold weather. There are other reasons to think about this as well. If you own a Ford product with the two piece spark plug design you would be well advised to change them well before the recommended 100,000 mile interval. The reason, the longer they are in the engine the more likely it is to have them break when changing them. The car might start just fine so why change plugs? Well as the plug wears the electrode gap get larger thus taking more voltage to fire them. This in turn stresses the coil that produces the spark and can cause them to fail. It just never gets cheaper to wait until thing break to do maintenance. Do yourself a favor and change plug earlier instead of later. Here is a great link explaining further.