Budgeting for Auto Maintenance

Feb 7th, 2017owners-manule

Everyone does their best to budget for scheduled vehicle maintenance.

What’s hard is planning for unexpected vehicle repairs.

The truth is that our vehicles can stay on our MN roads longer than ever before with proper maintenance. That’s because of improved vehicle design and manufacturing quality. But some of those same improvements also lead to higher repair costs.

There’s a tool that can be found that averages annual maintenance costs per month on repairs and maintenance; for example in MN, it is about 83 dollars. That may sound like a lot, but compare it to a new car payment.

So if you set aside 83 dollars a month, you’d go a long ways towards taking care of routine maintenance and being prepared for the unexpected repairs that arise.

At Pro-Tech we our customers a complimentary maintenance inspection that will help head off unexpected breakdowns and allow you to plan for routine maintenance.

Some people are afraid of what can go wrong with their older car so they buy a new one. That’s fine if you really want a new car. But if you properly maintain your older vehicle, you’ll save a lot of money on new car payments and insurance. It just makes good economic sense. Give us a call we can help! 763-420-3060


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