Looking for repair Options?

Looking for repair Options?

At Pro-Tech It’s all about giving our customer options. Sometimes it’s an OE part, sometimes it’s an aftermarket part, and sometimes it’s a used part. Sometimes it’s just being able to think out of the box to find the solution that fits.

A week ago Jim brought his Dodge Caravan in and said the wipers didn’t work. We tracked down the problem to the Integrated Power module. This is the main electrical power module for most everything in the car. It’s quite expensive and the van has a lot of miles on it. Without wipers the car was out of service.

We were able to offer Jim an alternative if he didn’t want to replace the expensive part. We could switch the front wiper wires with the rear wiper wires and get the fronts to work just fine. The rear wiper had a problem with the wiper arm so it didn’t work well anyway.

First and foremost we want a quality repair. If we can still do that by thinking out of the box why not? Problem solved and back on the road.

If you would like a shop that looks for and considers options to fit the situation, Pro-Tech is for you. Give us a call 763-420-3060



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