State Fair Time, whats not on a stick?

State Fair Time, whats not on a stick?

With the State Fair in full swing, you can get most anything you want on a stick, from pork chops to pickles.

I want to talk about what I don’t see on a stick. (Hold up the dip sticks) That is oil, Transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and windshield washer fluid.

People are too busy don’t know how or just don’t seem to care to check these things. Come on, the car started, there can’t be anything wrong.

Well far too often we see vehicles come in with no oil on the dipstick, Trans fluid low, power steering fluid low and the wind shield washer fluid empty. Customers will say my cars making this weird noise. The noise is due to a low fluid and noise usually spells trouble and expense. By checking these fluids you can avoid added repair costs and potential breakdowns.

If you’re not sure how or where to check these thing stop by and we can help you with this or visit our you-tube channel for lots of helpful info.

Car Care Clinic Videos

Tom from Pro-Tech Auto Repair where

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This customer was too busy to check the oil and it ran low. Now he gets to check out a new engine.


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