The season before summer in Minnesota is Pot Hole season.

Will you have as much fun as this person?

Spring feels like it’s coming, the sun feels so nice and the snow is going fast. We soon will be getting into our summer routines, travel to the cabin, summer sports and vacations. But there is one other season we need to get through first. It’s the pothole season, the roads break up this time of year due to the frost coming out of the ground. It looks like this year is going to be a bad one.

The bad roads do a number on your cars shocks, struts and other suspension parts. Does the car seem bouncy? Have clunks or creeks when hitting bumps? Does the steering wheel shake? These are all signs that there might be problems that could lead to tire wear or mean the car may be unsafe to drive. Please before you find out the hard way, it’s a good idea to have your car’s suspension checked for any loose or worn parts and the tires rotated so that you will minimize tire wear and you will arrive safe at your destination.

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