A saved vacation

A saved vacation

We have been busy checking cars over making sure the air conditioning is cooling, good tires are good and oil is changed for our customers for their vacations. Well next week I am on vacation and thought I’d better look my wife’s car over before we head out. I keep a close eye on it, but I had seen a very small spot of coolant on the driveway where she parks. I thought that can’t be much, no big deal right? Well not so. I found a hose that had a pin hole in it at the clamp.  Had we taken off without replacing the hose, it would not have lasted the trip without losing enough coolant to cause an overheated engine. And it probably would have been as far as possible from a town. That makes for a great vacation. It ended up being no big deal because I caught it. So before you head out on vacation or if you are seeing fluids on the garage floor or on the driveway, no matter how small, is it worth the risk and further damage to the car if it breaks down? Or have the kid’s cars been check lately? With most young drivers no news is not necessarily good news. They don’t know. Best take a look yourself or bring it in. We will do our complementary maintenance inspection for you to be sure. We save vacations!

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Better to be safe then sorry!

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