Are you giving our furry friends a cold weather retreat?

As the temps drop mice and other small rodents look for warmth and food. If you store dog or cat food in your garage and park your car in the garage it’s a cold weather paradise to the mice. The cars engine is warm so the make a nest on it. They bring food into their nest and foe desert they like to eat wiring. It can get to be quite expensive.

What can you do? Make sure and pet food is in a sealed rodent proof container and check your air filter and cabin air filters often as well as the top side of the engine.

We have a car towed into day running poorly and found the air filter all chewed up to make a nest. When the car was started all the little pieces of paper were suck into the engine and the mouse, who knows. It’s going to take some work to get this running good again.

If you need help checking things please call us.

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