Car Repairs Maple Grove

Vintage Car repairs Maple Grove

If you have an old gem of a car that you do not trust just anyone with Pro-Tech auto is here to save the day. We have high experience working on older models of vehicles. Believe it or not we actually enjoy working on them very much!  We had a 1962 Buick brought in that we were chosen to get it back on the road running. This project meant running the brake lines and minor tuning but after 15 years we got it started and running great! If you are a vintage car enthusiast then come to get your car repairs in maple grove at our location. Who knows, Back to the Fifties car show could be calling your name so, bring your stored/sitting car into our shop and we will find all necessary car repairs Maple Grove has to offer and get your show (car) on the road.


 New Car repairs Maple Grove

Car repairs maple grove on new modelsAs much as we enjoy old cars we love new cars equally. We recently received a job working on a Tesla type S. These cars are very technologically advanced. It was incredible to see what unique repairs were needed on this super car.  At Pro-Tech Auto we feel that focusing on new technology in car repairs Maple Grove is important knowledge that should be learned and could possibly take over in the future.

” It is truly represented that cars have changed dramatically but we have kept up with them and our commitment to customer satisfaction never changes! ”


All makes of car repairs are welcome

Although the very unique cars are highly enjoyed, we also make it a priority to work on all to our fullest potential. This is why we make sure our car repairs Maple Grove are all 100% approved by their owners. Being established since 1983 therefore, we have had a lot of experience with multiple issues. If your wondering if your type of automobile is part of our spectrum feel free to check out our Auto Portfolio Page.