Car inspections, do they pay?

The importance of have your car inspected by a technician from time to time can’t be understated. Finding the small thing and correcting them before they become big problems is key to reducing the cost of owning a car. Last week we did an oil change for a customer. She said that she knew of no problems and the car was working well. Our road...

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April is National Car Care Month

April is national car care month. Winter is hard on the cars with the cold temps and the rough spring roads. It’s a time to think about making sure the car is in go and safe driving condition as you start planning trips to the lake, vacation and all the running with kids in summer sports. We have put together a few car care minute clinics...

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How do I know when my car needs an alignment?

We get a lot of phone calls from customers saying they need to get their car in for a front end alignment. To us this statement sends up red flags. I would say that 80% to 90% of the time an alignment is not what is needed. We will proceed to ask the question “why do you think you need an alignment?” The 3 most...

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Gas saving tips

Gas prices are on the rise and expected to go higher. I think anything that might help save gas is worth passing on. I found this bit of information; it’s basic but can’t be over stated. Hope it helps, and if at any time you might have questions don’t hesitate to call us. http://www.rockandrollautoparts.com/bay-area-auto-parts-blog/automotive-tips/3-essential-gas-

Spring Cleaning

As the weather starts getting nicer we often think of spring cleaning. How about the car? We should be past the dirty sloppy winter mess, now it’s time to give the car a good spring cleaning to make it look its best. Here’s what our friends at Wizards Products have to say.  So spring is finally here and you’re looking to make your baby shine...

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Pot Hole Season

Spring is here; the snow is going fast soon the grass will be greening up. We soon will be getting to our summer routines, travel to the cabin, summer sports and vacations. But there is one other season we need to get through first. It’s the pothole season in Minnesota. The roads break up this time of year due to the frost coming out of...

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We want our fleet and commercial customers to be safe and productive

It’s that time of year when people that have or uses a commercial trucks and trailers should be thinking about the spring start up. Often times these vehicles have been sitting since last fall when work shut down or at least slowed. These companies might be a grounds maintenance company, a carpenter, cabinet maker, fencing company, or a construction company that uses a Bobcat trailer....

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What Do Those Dash Warning Lights Really Mean?

We still get this question quite often. Customers will call and say that a light just came on, what should I do? Do I need to pull over right away? Will I be stranded? Even worse if this should happen when you are traveling and you’re not near your usual help network. First rule of thumb is look at the lights like a traffic light....

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This Car Is Costing Me Too Much Money

Several conversations with customers recently gave cause for thought on this; Have you ever said “this car is costing me too much money I think it’s time for a new car”? Or “I really like my car but I’m told I need to spend $XXX on this repair”. What should I do?  It may very well be time for a new car, but the first...

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