Changing Oil By The Oil Change Light

Changing Oil By The Oil Change Light

When talking about the correct oil change interval, there are many things that come into play.  Just going by the oil change reminder light is often one of the worst ideas.

This customer follows his 2004 avalanches oil life monitor religiously….  He said it’s usually about an 8k interval.  He lives three miles from work and the truck has 156,000 miles on it.

The first picture is of the oil pump pickup screen with the oil pan removed. The screen is visible through the slot in the center, though unrecognizable, the screen is plugged with sludge which starved the oil pump and engine of oil and ruined it. The other pictures are of the oil pan and valve covers, also full of sludge.

The type of driving you do should be the first consideration when determining the correct interval. Such things as how the vehicle is used next, towing, hauling, in town or highway driving.  The temperatures where you live factor in next. They type of vehicle may also be a factor.

We have seen a number of this type of vehicle with oil pressure problems, oil gauge drops to near zero and a warning light comes on saying turn the engine off.

We would be happy to help you understand and decide on a realistic oil change interval for your car. Expensive problems like this customer had are avoidable.

How much money could you possibly save on oil changes that would make an engine replacement affordable?

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