Your check engine light is on, you say I had it checked, I know what it is. Not really!

Your check engine light is on, you say I had it checked, I know what it is. Not really!

You wouldn’t believe some of the things we see. I was in a car the other day and there were business cards stuck up all the way across the dash. Could this customer need to be reminded to call all these businesses? Not very sure of this, I peeled them back and sure enough they were there to cover up all the warning lights that were on, like the check engine light.

These lights serve a necessary function and that is to warn the driver of things that are possibly unsafe or that could lead to a costly repair if left unattended. A popular misconception that I often hear when speaking about the check engine light with customers is that, if they have had the code read and cleared and the light comes back on, they know what it is and that it is unimportant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The problem that they were experiencing that day may not have impacted the way the car ran but that was that day at that time. There is only one light and over 200 things that can turn it on, some of which can and will due severe damage to the engine or emission system if not addressed.

If your check engine light comes on, it means there is a computer detected problem in the emissions system. You should have the problem diagnosed to see what is wrong and what it will take to fix it, before damage is done. We will look for any possible options there might be to getting it fixed so it stays fixed at a reasonable cost. Don’t wait till other expensive parts need to be replaced too, it never gets cheaper by waiting.

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