Don’t let your car get you hot under the collar | Car Overheating

Don’t let your car get you hot under the collar | Car Overheating

With all the heat we have had over the last week or two, we have had a tremendous number of car overheating problems. What can you do to prevent it? Perhaps not too much. But on the other hand, have you looked for any signs? When I stop for coffee in the morning at the local convenience store it’s amazing to look on the ground and see the amount of coolant and oil that is left there from cars that have an average stop time of five minutes or less. Check the garage floor or driveway where you usually park, do you see any coolant puddles? It doesn’t take much of a leak or a period of time to cause a car overheating problem. Unfortunately, most cars don’t have temp gauges, but if yours does is it reading higher than normal? Does the temp seem to climb when the air conditioning is used? The other thing that can make a difference is to have the cooling system serviced every other year or every 30,000 miles. This can help spot those small problems before they leave you stranded alongside the road. Checking the actual engine running temperature with a scan tool and checking for debris blocking the airflow through the radiator will go a long way to preventing car overheating. Stay cool and happy travels.

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