Ford fuel driver module failure

Ford fuel driver module failure

Most Ford cars, pickups and vans built between 2004 and 2011 use an electronic control module to control the fuel pump operation. Due to the location that they are installed, which is under the car, they are exposed to salt and the elements. This causes corrosion and guaranteed failure. When they fail the car quits running and will not restart.

Within the last month we have as a courtesy to our customers check have checked some of these suspect vehicles and these are just a few of the modules we replaced. I had to do my own last year right after a long trip. Boy was I lucky!

It’s not a matter if they will fail only when. We are in the middle of a food drive right now were we are donating the collected food and money to C.R.O.S.S. food shelf in Rogers. We will inspect this part on your Ford car to see if it needs to be replaced now, free of charge with a donation to the food drive. When it fails you can add a tow bill and the cost to diagnosing what’s wrong to the cost of the replacement. So take advantage of this offer, save the hassles of a breakdown and help your neighbors that need a lending hand though food shelf donation. The food drive runs through November 11th. Make an appointment before then to take advantage. Call today 763-420-3060


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