Pro-Tech Auto Repair Inc Tech Question on Engine Failure

Pro-Tech Auto Repair Inc Tech Question:
I’m Collins of Corcoran. I had my engine go out and had to have it completely re-done at Pro-Tech Auto Repair Inc in Corcoran. What could I have done to prevent this?

Pro-Tech Auto Repair Inc Tech Answer:
You’ve got to feel for Collins: an expensive major engine replacement is pretty extreme. It’s a tough situation to be in: maybe you’re still making payments on your vehicle and nobody wants to buy it with a blown engine, so you really have no choice but to pay the money to get it fixed.

This is why your manufacturer and Pro-Tech Auto Repair Inc have preventive maintenance schedules to help you avoid major repairs. Suppose you don’t change your timing belt on schedule, and it breaks. That can mean bent valves and a damaged cylinder head.

Maybe you’ve skipped over the Pro-Tech Auto Repair recommendation to replace your coolant and end up with catastrophic overheating.

It could be you’ve gone too long between oil changes and now sludge has built up in your vehicle to the point that expensive parts in your engine are being damaged. A sad side note to that, if you go by the oil change light living here, you probably are going too long. If you read your owner’s manual most of us fall into the severe use category but fail to maintain the car as such. We can help.

Check your vehicle oil level every month and follow your recommended service schedules. And if you’re behind on any services, ask your friendly and knowledgeable pro at Pro-Tech Auto Repair Inc to help you work out a plan to get caught up.

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