Putting things off doesn’t save money it costs!

Putting things off doesn’t save money it costs!

Most Manufacturers recommend changing spark plugs every 90- 105,000 miles. As they wear the electrode gap gets larger and the coils have to work harder to get the spark to jump the gap. This can cause coil failure and much higher repair bills. The other thing that can happen is they get stuck in the cylinder head and break off while attempting to remove them. We were so close to having to remove the cylinder head on this job it’s not funny. But with patience and perseverance and making a tool, Tony was able to get it out. What normally is a $300-$400 job almost turned into $3000-$4000 job. As it was is it about doubled the normal cost of a tune up. The sad part is this customer recently bought this vehicle used and didn’t know what lay ahead. But if the previous owner had thought they were saving money by putting things off it didn’t work. You will never save enough to pay for the added expenses that will come. Moral, follow the manufacturers service intervals to avoid more costly repairs.

So if you haven’t had your car tuned up in over 100,000 miles you should give us a call. We’ll inspect the car and help you get the maintenance on schedule.

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