Aug 11th, 2019

You probably know that USB is a computer term (it stands for Universal Serial Bus). But do you know what a TSB is? You should, because it could be important for your vehicle.

A TSB is a Technical Service Bulletin.  Once a new vehicle is introduced and starts being driven by thousands of real-world users, weaknesses in parts or design are revealed.  So, automakers send out TSBs, so service technicians will know to look for those problems.  A TSB can be issued for things such as a loud noise when the vehicle turns or a minivan power door that won’t close properly.

A TSB is not the same as a recall.  If a vehicle has a defect that could result in people being hurt or illegal emissions, that vehicle is recalled.  The manufacturer must pay for a safety defect to be fixed, usually at a dealership.

When a Technical Service Bulletin is issued, it’s an acknowledgment that the vehicle manufacturer has noticed a pattern of something not working the way it should.  They also suggest the proper repair to address these known issues.  The cost for a TSB is usually only covered by the manufacturer if the vehicle is still under warranty.

If your vehicle is no longer covered by a warranty, but a TSB has been issued on a certain problem, any service facility can perform the service.  Ask your NAPA AutoCare Service Advisor about TSBs that may have been issued for your vehicle.  Those TSBs can be helpful for the technician to diagnose any problem you are experiencing.  The TSB will also guide the technician on the best repair procedure to get your vehicle working the way it should.  We’re committed to maintaining your vehicle’s performance, safety, and fuel economy.  Trust your vehicle to NAPA AutoCare.

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